Monday, May 19, 2014

Building Web Applications with Clojure - screencast

It's out!

I am pleased to announce, that my screencast: Building Web Applications with Clojure has been released by Packt Publishing. It is an excellent resource to get you started with developing Clojure web applications or just to refresh existing knowledge if you got your feet wet already, but still feel like some general understanding is needed.

Example codes & sample video

There a GitHub repo with example codes - where each video has a separate tag: and a sample:

Screencast contents

As there is a number of web frameworks/approaches in Clojure and usually it is up to a programmer to combine them into one working application, this course introduces viewers to basic mechanisms and techniques used when developing web applications with Clojure - such as Ring handlers, requests, responses and middleware.

Next, we focus on interaction techniques: form/session/cookie handling, HTML generation and simple RESTful approach is covered.

Then, we learn how to access external resources, such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB. After that, ClojureScript is briefly covered and finally some popular web libraries: Compojure, Liberator, Hiccup and Enlive are covered.