Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ganelon 0.9.0 released

Ganelon - a micro-framework supporting server-side oriented AJAX web applications in Ring/Clojure has been released in version 0.9.0 - first publicly available non-SNAPSHOT.

In addition to that, an interactive tutorial app (meetings management with MongoDB) has been launched at Source codes for it can be found in GitHub repository:
In the following weeks, this tutorial app will be used as a base for a tutorial blog series.

Using Ganelon

To use Ganelon in your Compojure/Ring/Clojure web application, simply add the following dependency to your project.clj file:

    [ganelon "0.9.0"]
For more information on using Ganelon, please visit

Production use

Ganelon is used to build user interface for Daily Social - social news aggregator delivering top stories to Pocket or Readability. So it is used in production for almost half a year. The demo and interactive tutorial sites are written using Ganelon as well.

I think that the best thing to do now - is to give a Ganelon a try and see how it works out for yourself.
Any issues/fixes can be reported directly to the GitHub repo at

Most important features

As this is a first major release of Ganelon, instead of changes introduced, I will simply highlight most important features:
  • AJAX support for client-side operations, including basic functions and almost whole jQuery | Manipulation library.
    • Ability to add custom client-side operations.
    • Additional libraries for Bootstrap Modal JavaScript and jquery gritter plugin (Growl-style notifications).
  • Support for definition of AJAX actions as Compojure routes.
  • Basic functions rendering client-side code for HTML/JavaScript controls invoking AJAX actions.
  • Support for distributed configuration of Compojure routes - somewhat akin to Noir's defpage macro.
Helper library for Ganelon - ganelon-util has been released as well - the current version is 0.8.0. Ganelon adds subdependency on ganelon-util, so you don't have to worry about adding it manually.


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